YOU’RE CANCER-FREE… NOW WHAT? The best version of you is waiting to be discovered Let cancer be the springboard to your best life.

You beat cancer, but you're not the same

You’ve gained a new perspective on life, but what are you going to do with it?

Your body and soul never bounced back from the huge toll that experience took on them.

Your hair is brittle. Your skin looks pale. Your body feels weak.

You can’t even take a walk without pain or discomfort.

Your self-esteem is shattered. Your confidence has disappeared.

Every time you look in the mirror, all you see is cancer.

The scars on your skin tell the story of a battle you won… But somehow, you can’t see yourself as the victor.

You’re just a shadow of who you used to be...

You still have nightmares about waking up in the hospital, crying in pain.

Your mind still replays the moment you were diagnosed and the whirlwind that came after it.
And even though you don’t share this with anyone, you’re terrified by a question that won’t leave your mind…
‘What if my cancer returns?’

You are NOT ready to go through that again, and it scares you that there’s a possibility you will.

Seeing your family and friends go above and beyond to help you navigate life is heart-warming. But at times, guilt strikes you. And a heart-wrenching feeling takes over…

Will you depend on other people for the rest of your life?

You’re grateful to be alive! Yet you feel like you’ve been given a second chance and you’re wasting it.


What if you could turn this challenge into the best opportunity you’ve ever had?

With the right help, cancer can become your life’s best mentor. It can really be the springboard to your best life.

You have the unique chance to use the strength, resilience, and new perspective on life that cancer gave you…

And embrace life like never before.

Are you ready to redefine yourself after cancer?

Remission is just the beginning...

Portrait of Catherine Schopfer, online cancer coaching specialist

I’m Catherine Schopfer, the Online Cancer Coach. I have been where you are now and so have many of my clients.

When I was diagnosed at 47, I thought cancer was my worst enemy. I thought my life was over.

But soon, I realized it was just starting.

After going through cancer, I was never the same.

I became the resilient, empowered, fulfilled woman that I am today, finally enjoying life instead of just surviving.

I found my purpose. I said goodbye to the unhealthy patterns that had led me to cancer. And I never looked back.

Today, I want the same for you. That’s why I’ve created my signature 10 Steps to Resilience holistic coaching model.

10 Steps to Resilience

Going through cancer, there is ONE word in your mind: survive.

But after you’ve survived…

After you’ve been declared cancer-free…

You need to get back to ‘normal life’. Except ‘normal’ looks nothing like it did before.

Not only has your body suffered and changed – you’ve gained a whole new perspective on life!

When I achieved remission status in 2013, I knew that if I went back to how things were before my diagnosis, I was basically asking for the cancer to return.

Instead, I worked hard (with the help of coaches, therapists, and mentors) to learn everything I could from that experience and use it in my favor.

And that’s how I created my 10 Steps to Resilience holistic coaching system.

With this step-by-step holistic coaching model, I guide you through a learning process that only you, a cancer survivor, can understand.

Together, we will use the key that cancer gave you to open the door to your best life.

Graphic of Catherine Schopfer's 10 Steps to Resilience, a holistic coaching model designed for cancer patients and survivors and their caregivers.
10-step Resilience Coaching System

A new way of living is just around the corner.

Ready to work with a cancer coach who gets it and transform your life forever?

Let’s hop on a call and find out if we’re a fit.

Sylvie's Transformation

Sylvie beat cancer with the help of her supportive, healthy family.

But 2 years down the road, she was still struggling to feel like herself. She wanted to give her all to those she loves and reclaim her life… But she didn’t know how.

After going through my 10 Steps to Resilience system, Sylvie took the wheel of her life and started living her dream.

She discovered her true passions and pursued them. She went back to being the supermom and superwife she loved being. And she regained her able, pain-free body…

Sylvie turned her cancer journey into a beautiful life lesson.

She changed her life and never looked back.

Watch her story below.

Fanny, cancer survivor video testimonial thumbnail

Why work with me now

  • To feel seen and understood by someone who has been in your shoes
  • To get your body back to doing the amazing things you’ve always loved (and trying new ones!)
  • To discover who you are now that you’ve faced your hardest challenge and beat it
  • To learn how to prevent the cancer from returning
  • To reconnect with your true self and learn how to listen to your gut feelings
  • To gain back your self-esteem, love yourself more than ever before, and become unstoppable in life
  • To get a clean slate on which to start writing your own story

This is your chance to ask yourself…

‘Who am I after cancer?’

” Eye-opening, energizing, life-changing “

I feel that I am living the life now that I always wanted and see now all the possibilities that I have.
In everyday life, it means that I am more organized, more self-confident. I see more my limiting beliefs and clear them to be able to move on.
There are so many words that could describe her program: eye-opening, energizing, life-changing, inspiring, building self-confidence, presence, growing...

- H.D.

What's included

  • Discovery Call (30 minutes) to see if I’m the right person to support you
  • Holistic Health Assessment (2.5 hours) to evaluate your current health and habits, including the areas you’d like to work on
  • 2 monthly 1:1 Sessions (60 minutes) in person or online to provide support, explore challenges, and navigate this moment in the best way possible
  • Remote Support over Email (or the messaging platform of your choice) to get all your questions answered between sessions
  • Flash Sessions (15 minutes) for urgent support between scheduled sessions
  • Individual Resources: workbooks, prompts, worksheets, checklists, tools and recommendations based on your unique needs
  • Access to the Online Cancer Coach community on Facebook, where you can find where you can find support from other like-minded women on their journey to healing

Before you work with me, you need to know…

  • That I’m not the kind of coach who will impose my ideas and beliefs onto you. I’m here to give you the power to decide.
  • That I believe knowledge is power. So to empower you, I’ll share everything I know and help you dig deeper on the things that feel aligned with you.
  • That with me, nothing is off the table. Surgery, chemotherapy, allopathic medicine, chinese medicine, alternative practices, energy work… I will never judge your choices.
  • That I’m not here to convince you that you need coaching. If you’re ready, you already know…

Ready to book a free call and meet me?

Click on the button below and you’ll be directed to my schedule page, where you’ll have the chance to lock in a date and time that works for you.

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This 1:1 cancer coaching offer is for women who are in remission but feel like they’re not where they’d like to be.

If your gut tells you that something’s missing…

If you miss your old self and the way things were…

Or if you know you’re meant for more than what you’re experiencing now…

This offer is for you.

As you’ve read all across this page, I’m here to empower YOU to make decisions over your life. And that includes choosing your coach.

I can’t promise I’ll be the right coach for you – I’m the coach I would have wanted to have when I went through this myself.

But you don’t have to take a leap of faith! My free discovery call is an opportunity to discover how you feel about me.

Since I also need to make sure you’ll get the most out of this coaching container, we will only work together if we both agree that we’re the right fit.

Yes, I do.

The way I see it, coaching only works if both coach and client are happy with the direction and pace of the process. 

If we decide to stop working together before our coaching package ends, all remaining sessions will be refunded as per contract.

Because I work with women individually and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, there is no set agenda for this offer.

The pace at which we work together will depend on what needs to change and how you cope with each session.

The important thing is that you feel supported every step of the way and that we meet your unique goals at the end of our work together.

Yes! I want to make 1:1 cancer coaching available to every woman who needs support to change their life.

That’s why all my coaching plans include a monthly payment option.

Before you sign up for 1:1 coaching, let’s hop on a free discovery call where we can both decide if we’re the right fit.

My goal as a cancer coach is to support your needs and help you thrive in life.

In this first call, I’ll explain how it all works, you can ask me any questions you may have, and if we decide to move forward, I’ll give you instructions on what to do next.

If you feel like you still need my support after our sessions end, you have 2 options.

  1. You can purchase another 6- or 12-month coaching package, just like the one you’ve used.
  2. You can purchase my Stay In Touch package that’s exclusive for clients. My Stay In Touch package includes a monthly 1:1 coaching session, resources, and 3 SOS sessions per month, among other things. Learn more about it here.

Yes. As the Online Cancer Coach, I support women at all stages of the cancer journey.

Learn more about how I coach women on the path to recovery here.

Have more questions? I am happy to answer.