I 'm Catherine

A cancer coach on a mission to help women worldwide gain control over their health and their lives.

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I'm Catherine

A cancer coach on a mission to help women worldwide gain control over their health and their lives.

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I’m here to defy the narrative of fear and hopelessness that is often imposed on cancer patients.

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I have been where you are today...

THE SELF-DESTRUCTIVE STATUS-QUO Letting stress run the show

Just like many women in their 30s, I thought juggling a million things a day was normal. Work life. Married life. Household life. Mom life. Social life.

I was stressed. Burnt out. Overwhelmed. Tired. In physical pain. But I thought it was normal…

In fact, I thought a little stress was even good for me: it kept me aiming for greater things. Things I thought I wanted… Like managing 100s of people at work. Or being the ‘perfect wife’, and the ‘perfect mom’.

Little did I know that the reward and recognition I expected from being all-the-things would lose the race against something bigger – something I couldn’t control: cancer.

A business woman with groceries entering a messy living room

MY WAKE-UP CALL An unexpected cancer diagnosis

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When you walk into the doctor’s office for a checkup and walk out with a cancer diagnosis… Your life changes forever.

That day, time stopped as soon as I heard the words: ‘You have two tumors and unfortunately, they’re malignant.’

After the shock was over, I entered an emotional rollercoaster. Fear, pain, anger, guilt, shame…

And even though I had a million questions in my mind, (Does this mean I’m going to die? Who can I talk to? How will this impact my life? Why me?) the only one that could give me an answer that would help was buried in the back of my mind:

‘What if this isn’t the enemy that you think it is? What if there’s something I can learn from this experience?’

Deep down, I knew that I had, in a way, done this to myself. I had stayed in an unhealthy job. In unhealthy relationships. Always putting myself last.

My body had given me signals, but I had flat-out ignored them. Now, I couldn’t stick my head in the sand any longer.

My cancer diagnosis forced me to take a deep look at myself. And what I found changed my life.

CANCER, MY BEST FRIEND Healing became my purpose

After seeking out coaches, associations, doctors, and therapists, and learning about the 5 pillars that keep us healthy, I not only healed from cancer – I transformed my life. It took me years, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

When people started asking me for help in following my footsteps, I knew I had found my purpose. I had to empower others the same way I had empowered myself but in a shorter time span.

That’s why I became the Online Cancer Coach. In my practice, I help women battle cancer and embrace life like never before once they’ve defeated it.

10+ years ago, I took the wheel of my own life and I’ve been cancer-free ever since. I'm now inviting you to do the same.

Catherine Schopfer, Online Cancer Coach

You have the unique opportunity to rewrite your life’s story. And I’m here to coach you through it with:


I don’t expect you to become your strongest, most resilient self from one day to the next.

There is no ‘tough love’ with me. I’m here to help you, not scold you.


Knowledge is power.

I’m not here to make decisions for you. I’m here to educate you and grant you decision-making power over your health and life.


Curiosity and open-mindedness are the first steps to seeing things in a different light.

And that’s the first step to prevention, recovery, and true healing.


I will never try to influence or criticize your choices, that’s not me!

I respect my clients, so I will respect your journey from the first to the last day we work together.


Your cancer journey can be a lot lighter and easier than you think.

I’m here to help you inject some hope and positivity as you go through this challenge.


Sometimes, all you need is to feel seen and heard, judgment-free.

Our sessions will be a confidential, safe space for you to freely express your thoughts and emotions

coaching with catherine

Without Catherine, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And that would be such a shame!

- F.T.

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Take the wheel of your life.