Cancer Coach Catherine Schopfer

Cancer Coach
Catherine Schopfer

Cancer can challenge you, but it doesn’t have to limit you.

Your Health Comes First

My values are respect, empowerment, integrity.

My integrative coaching model offers women and heart-centered men a way to overcome their fears and limitations, reconnect with their true potential, prevail over cancer, and thrive.

As a holistic cancer coach, I use a systemic approach that focuses on the 5 pillars of health; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial health. The focus of my coaching is to help you make changes from the inside out in order to fight and win your battle with cancer.

Together we will tap into your greatest self, help you break down any fears or reservations that may be holding you back, and ultimately reclaim your life back from cancer.

It is only when we are conscious of who we are that we can make the necessary changes to improve our lives.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, can’t rebound from your cancer treatments, or are looking for prevention techniques, a holistic cancer coach can help you achieve the optimal health and wellness you seek. Healing is always at the forefront of this coaching program.

Not only will we review your physical health, but we will also look over your lifestyle and mental health as well.

Cancer coaching is an integrative approach that combines all facets of your life, not just your diagnosis.

My Best Friend Was Cancer!

My life came to a full stop when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.

I can remember how I felt going to my gynecologist appointment to hear get the results of the biopsy. My heart was pounding, I had to force myself to breathe and I had to pinch myself only to realize I was living my worst nightmare. This time it was for real.

I can still see the sun-rays shining through the curtains as I sat across from my doctor. I can still remember the smell of the nice comfortable leather chairs and the soft wooden desk, mixed with the pungent smell of disinfectant products in the adjacent room. It is imprinted in my mind forever. And her voice telling me: “You have 2 tumors in your right breast and they are unfortunately malignant.”

Excuse me, what?! How come? How could that be? I feel perfectly healthy. And now? What is next…? Am I going to die? A rush of questions poured into my mind, my brain was going 2000 miles an hour. Then she told me: “I can organize the surgery for next week. I’m sure you want to get rid of the cancer as soon as possible, don’t you?”

The verdict still hadn’t registered in my brain and I still couldn’t grasp what she was telling me. This was all going too quickly! I needed time to think and feel what my body was telling me. We planned a second meeting and I left.

My knees were shaking. My voice was trembling. My heart was aching. My thoughts were spinning. A bomb had just struck me!

Do you know someone who has had to face a life-threatening disease? Do you know someone who went through cancer? Have you had to face this challenge? If yes, then you know the emotions and the questions that awakened after such a diagnosis: Am I going to die? Why me? Whom can I trust? Who can I talk to? What impact will the treatments have on my body, my life?

I used to be a successful engineer and manager, climbing the management ladder, I was overworked and wore several hats every day: manager, mum, wife, household organizer. My goal: being a super woman and having everything perfect!

Every day was a challenge; there was no place for spontaneity, for creativity. I was always planning the future forgetting the present moment.

My body sent me lots of messages, back pain, colds, sleepless nights, etc. I just didn’t listen.

Fast forward 10 years.

I had started my coaching practice and was living one of my passions: helping people live a fulfilling life and come out of the place they felt stuck. But then life sent me through a roller coaster of emotions in less than three and a half years: divorce, loss of my corporate job, my mother passing away from breast cancer, moving back to Switzerland after almost 20 years in Luxembourg, leaving all my friends behind, and finally, my father passing away from acute leukemia, only 10 months after my mother. Then…I was diagnosed in 2012 with breast cancer.

My life came to a full stop.

Now it was my turn to face this life threatening disease!

I had so much anger at life! So much anger at myself! So much anger at my partner! I felt like life was so unfair. I had always done my best to please everyone, to take care of everyone, to be a good girl, a good wife, a good mother, a good manager…the only one I had not been good to… was me.

My coach Jim told me one day: “Catherine, Cancer is the challenge to change or die, what do you want?”

What did I want?

I could feel that this was the time to stop and have a close look at my life and what I had been doing with it.

There was no more avoidance, head sticking in the sand, pretending everything was OK, no I had to face reality.

From my coaching practice I knew that the cancer was my body’s way of telling me that something was terribly wrong. That there was an enormous imbalance.

So after Jim’s question, I said: “Jim, I choose to change because I want to live and be happy!”

That was the day when I decided to take control of my life and to start the healing process. Today I understand that the cancer was a blessing for me and that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it hadn’t been a part of my life.

What I’ve also learned while on my cancer journey is that you don’t need to get a disease to make adjustments in your life and bring to the world that special gift that we all have within us. The word disease is really a dis-ease in your body that you’ve been carrying around for too long.

Every other man and one-in-three women will face cancer in his or her lifetime. And I’m not even talking about the other diseases arising around the world.

It’s time for us to wake up and realize what we’re doing with your life. We only have one!

I woke up after my breast cancer diagnosis and I decided that it was time to work on myself with a wellness coach and other therapists. I made baby steps to move forward and started to change what had to be changed in my life.

I started to change my diet, I started to exercise every day even if it was just having a walk after dinner, I started to meditate and having peaceful moments to calm down, I practiced mindfulness on a daily basis, I reconnected with nature to get energy from the beauty that surrounds us, I made sure that I was respecting my biorhythm and getting plenty of sleep. And I worked on my emotions, on my mindset, on my limitations, releasing everything, which was draining me of my life energy. My transformation didn’t happen in one night, but slowly and surely I could see how I was feeling more energized, how I was looking at life in a different way, how I gained a feeling of happiness and fulfillment day after day. I became grateful for every beautiful moment in my life.

Working with an integrative health coach helped me to take the reins of my own life. My wellness coach helped me face reality, express my emotions, confront limiting beliefs, let go of all my excuses, reprogram my mindset, see life differently, and to make the necessary changes I need to heal myself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

The cancer or illness is an opportunity to grow and learn. I am proud of the journey I’ve been through and want to guide others to strive and thrive while creating the life they deserve to have.

Let the cancer be your best teacher.

Who Is
Catherine Schopfer?

Having a passion for healing, Catherine Schopfer, cancer survivor, life transformer, and mindset coach, speaks from experience. Expert in resilience and using a systemic approach, she helps people around the world to rediscover their passions and connect with their purpose to thrive fully after the challenge of cancer.

Catherine is a certified coach from Coach Académie Paris, a certified Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho System), a certified coach from Inner Game Coaching, Go Pro Coaching, USA and has trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as developed by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn. After more than 10 years as a certified life & business coach, Catherine trained with Chris and Janet Attwood, the NY Times Bestselling Authors of “The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose” as a Certified Passion Test and Self-Love Facilitator.

Catherine believes that a life challenge can also be the springboard to reinvent one’s life. Before finding her true calling, Catherine trained as a food science engineer and worked in the corporate world for organisations such as Henkel and Luxair Group. Catherine lives with her partner, Danilo, in Zug, Switzerland and has two daughters.

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