CAtherine Schopfer's eBook: 5 Keys to Overcoming and Preventing Cancer

Discover the 5 Keys to
Overcoming & Preventing Cancer

Get the comprehensive FREE eBook
with a holistic approach to cancer recovery.

Get the comprehensive FREE eBook with a holistic approach to cancer recovery.

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With this eBook, you will get:

A comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know: from diagnosis to treatment and from physical to mental and spiritual challenges

Science-based and alternative tips, tricks, and actionable steps to get through this challenge

Clarity on what to do and how to do it to give yourself the best fighting chance against cancer

Practical tools and proven techniques that you can apply starting TODAY from anywhere in the world to battle cancer in the best way

Actionable steps gathered from over 10 years of experience as a cancer coach, helping women prevent and survive cancer with my proprietary method

The chance to get a 1:1 session with me where we’ll assess where you need more support and how you can act fast to get through this

*DISCLAIMER: This ebook does not offer any home treatment or replacement for cancer treatments.

Catherine opened my eyes on what cancer was, especially why it happened. And then she gave me the tools to heal as best as I could, to go through the treatment in the best possible way.

She made me believe that it was possible, something that I had always doubted.

All these tools and exercises to work on myself allowed me to get the best out of myself and the best out of the situation in the end.

- Fanny, Cancer Survivor
(Cancer Patient at the time of starting my 10 Steps to Resilience Program)

Hi! I’m Catherine Schopfer, a Cancer Coach on a mission to empower women across the globe to gain control over their health and their lives.

With over 10 years of coaching background, I decided to focus on cancer coaching after overcoming breast cancer myself in 2013.

I’m here to defy the narrative of fear and hopelessness that is often imposed on cancer patients. Instead, I offer you this one: you CAN get through this.

How? By learning how your body works, how to prevent and battle cancer, and how to put that knowledge into practice.

That is what I’m offering you with this FREE ebook.

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