Healing From Cancer
Redefining Yourself After It
Staying Healthy As a Caregiver

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The core message of cancer is TO LOVE YOURSELF

Even though it looks different for every single person…

Self love is usually the common denominator among my clients when they figure out what’s lacking in their lives as they go through cancer.

If you often feel disconnected from yourself, from your inner voice…

If you have trouble recognizing what is good and bad for you…

If you don’t know how to honor your boundaries (or even where to set them)...

If you don’t feel comfortable being yourself, in your own skin…

You’re lacking self love and it will impact your healing journey.


  • You’re unsure about your doctor’s advice but you’re afraid to contradict them.
  • You don’t want to ask too many questions and look foolish.
  • You feel guilty because you’re taking away family time for treatments and appointments.
  • You’re overwhelmed with information and you’re afraid that following your gut will lead to the wrong decision.
  • You can’t accept your image in the mirror. Your body is changing in many ways, and that scares you.
  • You don’t know how to build back your life after cancer–you don’t know what direction to go in.
  • You don’t enjoy the same things as you did before cancer, and you wonder how to feel those feelings again.
  • You don’t want your cancer story to define you, but it has changed you so much that it still does.
  • You fear recurrence, but you don’t know how to avoid it.
  • You’re back to your ‘old life’... But you feel that isn’t good for you.
  • Your body has changed. It doesn’t look the same, it doesn’t feel the same, and it can’t do the same things. It seems foreign to you… And you long for the body you had before cancer.
  • You don’t do anything for yourself anymore–it’s all about caregiving.
  • You’re starting to feel resentful towards your sick partner or family member, but you feel terrible even thinking this.
  • You don’t feel like yourself anymore, the role of caregiver is who you’ve become.
  • You feel guilty for getting angry or being cranky, even if you aren’t sleeping well to help out your sick relative.
  • You’re tired and you fear you’ll get sick yourself if you continue at this pace.
  • You feel guilty about being healthy and carrying on with your daily demands when your loved one isn’t well.

Loving yourself
doesn’t equal neglecting others.

A lot of people struggle with self-love because they think it’s selfish.

But in reality, when you love yourself, you understand how to fill your own cup so much that you’ll create an overflow to give to others.

You’ll keep doing what you do today–but you will feel fantastic in the process.

With the self-love journey…

You won’t feel guiltyskipping your usual demands when you need to prioritize yourself

You will feel confident standing up for yourself with doctors, therapists, friends, family, and even sick relatives

You’ll feel at ease taking time for yourself when you’re not feeling good, emotionally or physically

You’ll become comfortable setting boundaries when you need ‘me’ time to collect your thoughts and grow

You’ll start experiencing unprecedented levels of happiness and motivation, two key elements to achieving a healthy mindset

Your self-confidence will grow immensely–you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin and with your own voice!

Your immune system will get stronger as you get more in tune with your body

You will become your most resilient self and you’ll be ready for anything life throws at you

You will be able to step up for others better than ever before, without resenting them or taking away from your happiness

You will finally show up as your authentic self, without fearing ‘not being enough’ or ‘not doing enough’–because you ARE enough just the way you are

What others are saying…

A month ago, I hosted an in-person Self Love Workshop and this is what the attendees had to say about it:

In one word: empowering.” 

- Tina Gibson

“ If you want to start loving yourself, the self-love workshop should be your first step. ” 

- Stephanie Bogeja

“ Catherine made me feel really inspired. The self-love workshop will give you practical tools that you can implement in your life.” 

- R Ferreira

“ Catherine was wonderful and adaptable. If I could change one thing about the Self Love Workshop, I would make it longer! My biggest takeaway has been my new self-love mantra.” 

- Rica Corbon

How it works

Once you sign up to start, you will receive a confirmation email with a video where I’ll welcome you to this fantastic journey!

Starting the following day and for the next 7 days, you will receive a daily email with your Exercise Of The Day. How long each exercise takes is completely up to you–but it could take as little as 15 minutes per day.

This is not a challenge, but a journey. So don’t try to go through the materials quickly and ‘get it done’. There’s value in taking your time to implement everything you’ll learn. 

Remember: You’re doing this for yourself, and you deserve it!

DAY 1 | Training Your Inner Critic

Time to question your inner critic! Any chance it’s been a bit too harsh with you lately? In this exercise, you’ll learn a proven way to start telling yourself different (and more accurate) stories about who you are, what you can achieve, and what you deserve.

DAY 2 | Healthy Habits

Adding healthy habits to your life boosts your feeling of self-worth. By making yourself a priority for just a few minutes a day, you’ll grow a deeper connection with yourself. On day 2 of this journey, I’ll show you exactly how.

DAY 3 | Look Inside

In what is possibly the most uncomfortable, yet most powerful exercise in this journey, you’ll learn to take a look at yourself with a lot more love. Others love you because you’re fantastic, and it’s time to discover that for yourself.

DAY 4 | Your Rituals

From sports stars to corporate executives to world-class performers, most successful people have rituals to help them grow, improve themselves and tackle any challenge. Day 4 is all about creating your own ritual, using the examples we’ll provide as guidance.

DAY 5 | Becoming Grateful

Research has shown that people who are more grateful tend to have higher self-esteem because they develop a stronger sense of value. Day 5 will give you prompts to practice gratitude in an effortless way so you can boost your self-confidence and see yourself in a new light!

DAY 6 | Setting Boundaries

It’s no secret that boundaries and self-love go hand in hand. When you feel comfortable telling others how to respect your needs, you’re sending a message to yourself that you are worthy of your own time and effort. This feeds your own self-love, which will make setting boundaries easier–it’s a virtuous cycle!

DAY 7 | Tracking Your Progress

To me, self-love isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a measurable, tangible difference in your life. So on the last day of this journey, you’ll learn a useful technique to track your self-love progress. You’ll have access to this tool forever, so you can always keep building on self-love and go back to these exercises when you need it.


  1. Daily email with your Exercise Of The Day and printable materials to create your own workbook as you progress with the challenge ( €200 value)

  2. My support via email throughout the whole challenge ( €150 value)


Private Facebook Group
to share your daily progress with other like-minded women who are on the self-love journey!


Lifetime access
to this program so you can go over it as many times as you want.


Self-love diploma
to keep yourself motivated and on the self-love train.

The value of this program is off at least  €350

And that’s without taking into account the private group, the lifetime access perk, and the self-love diploma.

But I’ve decided to take all these tools and package them for you at a price tag of only   €47, because I want to make this a no-brainer for you!

Self-love is hard to achieve as it is…

There are a million self-proclaimed gurus out there who preach on the importance of self-love on social media. But when it comes to helping you take actionable steps toward self-love, everything falls short. Because it’s hard to change something that is so often ingrained in our deepest thoughts. 

It can take years, or even DECADES to hit the nail on the head with a process that works for everyone. I know this from my own experience…

This journey is a collection of the methods that have worked best for me and my clients, and it’s taken me years to perfect.

I’m giving this to you for just   €47, but I’m asking for something in return:

Your commitment to doing this for yourself.

As much as I’d love this to simply be a ‘plug and play’ program where things will magically happen for you, that’s not how self-love works. You need to be willing to finally put yourself FIRST. Otherwise, this journey won’t work.

If you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself for just 7 days…

Start the journey today
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‘In a world that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a revolutionary act.

- Murray Newlands -


The cancer journey is tough.

There’s no denying it.

At every stage, there are challenges. Challenges that leave you feeling lonely and miserable, because nobody seems to understand you.

In my practice as a cancer coach, I work with cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers…

And you know what they all have in common?

They struggle to love themselves.

Some think that if they love themselves, they won’t show up for others ‘as they should’, so they feel guilty…

Others have simply suffered so much that they have no idea where to even start. 

So I created this program as a love letter to all those who are struggling to find self love in this difficult time.

Don’t postpone your wellbeing…


Have more questions?
I am happy to answer.


Have more questions?
I am happy to answer.

Over the course of 7 days, you’ll receive a daily email with your Exercise Of The Day. You can complete it at your own pace, but preferably, you’ll complete the exercises in order.

No. This journey will be delivered in your inbox over 7 days, but you can take as long as you need to complete it.

I don’t offer refunds for the Self Love Journey because I’m confident that it will help you! If you are finding any exercise difficult or are unsure about the results you’ll get, email me at and I’ll provide support to help you on this journey.

You get lifetime access to the self love journey. Enjoy!

I designed this journey to help you gain 3 crucial things for your recovery: greater mental and physical strength, the ability to prioritize yourself without guilt, and a feeling of well-being that will energize you and make this challenge easier on you.

Self love is one of the pillars of my 10 Steps to Resilience proprietary coaching system, and it is a journey meant to help you heal from the inside out.

This journey is based on my 10 Steps to Resilience proprietary coaching system, the method I use to coach cancer survivors so they can gain control over their health and their lives.

With the 7 exercises you’ll go through, you’ll gain a new perspective on how to live life, a deeper awareness of your dreams and how to pursue them, and a sense of empowerment that will help you achieve them.

When you’re caring for a loved one through cancer, it’s normal to put yourself second. But depending on how long you’re a caregiver and how your loved one is going through this, you may start to feel resentment or anger bottling up when you realize that you’re neglecting some parts of yourself.

Self love is crucial in learning how to avoid getting to that point, how to stand up for yourself and create healthy boundaries while still providing the support and care your loved one needs.

With my self love journey, you will achieve a foundational level of self love from where you can build a healthier caregiver-patient relationship.

I am happy to answer.