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At Online Cancer Coach, we understand the enormity of this journey. That's why our comprehensive, concierge-style coaching service is designed for those who seek an intensive, deeply involved support system through their cancer journey.


‘I’m confused and overwhelmed. How can I survive this?’


‘How do I bounce back and move forward?’


‘What’s the best way to care for them AND myself now?’

NAVIGATING YOUR CANCER JOURNEY: Meet Catherine, Your Holistic Cancer Coach

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Catherine is a cancer survivor, health educator, and devoted holistic cancer coach, dedicated to guiding clients through their healing and empowerment journey.

As a cancer survivor and health educator, Catherine has transformed her life’s most daunting challenge into a mission: to assist clients in navigating their cancer journey with resilience and hope.

Cancer reshaped her perspective, forcing her to prioritize what truly matters, driving her towards a life of purpose and gratitude. Now, she is here to support clients in doing the same – assisting them in embracing a life they cherish, every single day.

Catherine offers her coaching services in English, French, German, and Luxembourgish,

Catherine brings a holistic approach to cancer coaching. Discover the qualifications that enable her to guide you through your journey.

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” I wouldn’t be where I am today “

The coaching allowed me to become aware of the reality of my life and especially of what I really wanted and needed to change.
Today I'm opening my designer boutique, something that seemed unthinkable when I met Catherine, today it seems obvious! It's just magical.
Without Catherine I would not be where I am today, and it would be such a shame!

- Fanny

Boutique Owner and Cancer Survivor

BUILDING RESILIENCE STEP BY STEP The 10 Steps to Resilience by a Holistic Cancer Coach

My signature 10 Steps to Resilience holistic coaching model is designed to help cancer patients and survivors use their experience as a springboard to their best lives. From diagnosis to treatment and life beyond cancer, this system is a lifelong toolbox that will empower you to go after your dreams with confidence.

” I gained back my self confidence “

Through Catherine’s coaching, I learned to listen to my body and my heart. She is charming, open, dynamic, and inspiring!

Because of her, I finally had the courage to resign from my very heavy, exhausting, frustrating job. I reconnected with my true nature, I learned to distinguish what really matters to me, and I gained back my self-confidence.

- Sylvie

Cancer Survivor

CANCER INSIGHTS Guidance from Your Holistic Cancer Coach

Stay informed and gain practical advice with our blog. Dive into insightful articles, personal stories, and expert guidance from Catherine Schopfer, your dedicated cancer coach, navigating the complexities of cancer together.

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