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A cancer diagnosis
changes everything.

It’s a shock that rocks you to your core. You feel paralyzed.
Until suddenly, a million questions flood your mind
Why ME?
Will this hurt?
Am I going to die?
What do I do now?!

And the emotional rollercoaster starts.

You’re confused… What does this diagnosis even mean? Should you just trust your doctor? Get a second opinion? Investigate treatment options?

You’re afraid… Is this it? What will the treatments do to me? What will happen to my family? Will this ruin my career?

You feel guilty… Did I do this to myself? What did I do wrong?! Will everyone I love have to make sacrifices for me now?

You’re trying to keep a cool head in front of your loved ones, but it’s hard to eat.

Hard to sleep at night.

Hard to live.

All you can think about is cancer…

You can almost FEEL it inside of your body, even if you felt just fine before your diagnosis.

You feel lost, alone, and helpless. Nobody gets you.

Your doctors speak about things you don’t understand and you feel dragged into a journey that you’re barely a part of…

But this is YOUR life!

You wish there was someone who could tell you exactly what’s going to happen.

And while nobody has a crystal ball…

There are others who have been exactly where you are.

Other women have faced this challenge, survived cancer, and changed their lives forever so they never have to face it again.

By taking a holistic approach, they healed inside out and turned cancer from the worst news they’d ever heard… Into a springboard to start living the life of their dreams.

I know, because I’m one of them

I’m Catherine Schopfer, the Online Cancer Coach. I have been where you are now and so have many of my clients.

When I was diagnosed at 47, I thought cancer was my worst enemy. I thought my life was over.

But soon, I realized it was just starting.

Cancer was my body’s wake-up call. It helped me discover the unhealthy patterns I was ignoring that were killing me.

After going through cancer, I was never the same.

I became the resilient, empowered, fulfilled woman that I am today, finally enjoying life instead of just surviving.

And I want the same for you. That’s why I’ve created my signature 10 Steps to Resilience holistic coaching model.

10 Steps to Resilience

When I went through cancer, there were no cancer coaches around.

I was overwhelmed with information. I had no idea how to navigate my diagnosis and treatments…

It wasn’t until I got a second opinion, found a life coach, a nutrition coach, a cancer association and consumed as many health and cancer-related books I could find, that I felt at ease.

After I defeated cancer, I was determined to help other women avoid this exhausting path and skip right to what works.

So I spent over a decade gathering information, training, getting certifications, compiling resources and getting in touch with experts…

To develop my 10 Steps to Resilience system.

Graphic of Catherine Schopfer's 10 Steps to Resilience, a holistic coaching model designed for cancer patients and survivors.
Graphic of Catherine Schopfer's 10 Steps to Resilience, a holistic coaching model designed for cancer patients and survivors and their caregivers.
10-step Resilience Coaching System

With this step-by-step holistic approach to healing, I’ll take your hand and guide you through this journey at the pace that feels light, fulfilling, and enjoyable for you.

Together, we will look at all the things that make you whole and set a bolder course for your life.

Your struggle stops today.

Ready to work with a cancer coach who gets it and transform your life forever?

Let’s hop on a call and find out if we’re a fit.

Fanny's Transformation

Fanny’s cancer diagnosis hit her at her worst. As a full-time manager, full-time mom, full-time wife and household manager, she did NOT have time to deal with cancer…

She was stressed. But she wasn’t going to let cancer win the battle.

After working with me, Fanny not only beat cancer.

She finally made herself a priority, rediscovered her passions, and changed her life forever.

She’s now a cancer-free happy wife, supermom, and successful entrepreneur.

Watch her story below.

Fanny, cancer patient video testimonial thumbnail

Why work through this with a cancer coach

  • Navigate your cancer diagnosis and treatments with clarity and ease
  • Get support in a safe, judgment-free space where you’ll be seen, heard, and understood
  • Express your emotions, fears, and anxieties without feeling like you’re burdening your loved ones
  • Minimize the impact of treatments on your health and life
  • Beat fear with information and gain peace of mind in this challenging time
  • Feel empowered to make the right decisions on this journey
  • Take the wheel of your life, your health, and your future

” I really appreciated having a cancer coach! “

I got very good help at the hospital, but the doctors didn’t understand my needs. They didn’t have the empathy to think how my life would be in the next two weeks until the next chemotherapy.
I really had appreciated to have a cancer coach like Catherine Schopfer at that difficult time! I changed my lifestyle and my thinking on life.

- L.S.

What's included

  • Discovery Call (30 minutes) to see if I’m the right person to support you
  • Holistic Health Assessment (2.5 hours) to evaluate your current health and habits, including the areas you’d like to work on
  • 2 monthly 1:1 Sessions (60 minutes) in person or online to provide support, explore challenges, and navigate this moment in the best way possible
  • Remote Support over Email (or the messaging platform of your choice) to get all your questions answered between sessions
  • Flash Sessions (15 minutes) for urgent support between scheduled sessions
  • Individual Resources: workbooks, prompts, worksheets, checklists, tools and recommendations based on your unique needs
  • Access to the Online Cancer Coach community on Facebook, where you can find where you can find support from other like-minded women on their journey to healing

Before you work with me, you need to know…

  • That I’m not the kind of coach who will impose my ideas and beliefs onto you. I’m here to give you the power to decide.
  • That I believe knowledge is power. So to empower you, I’ll share everything I know and help you dig deeper on the things that feel aligned with you.
  • That with me, nothing is off the table. Surgery, chemotherapy, allopathic medicine, chinese medicine, alternative practices, energy work… I will never judge your choices. You are free to pursue the best path for you and I’m here to support that.
  • That I’m not here to convince you that you need coaching. If you’re ready, you already know…
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Ready to book a free call and meet me?

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This 1:1 cancer coaching offer is for women who have just received a cancer diagnosis or are currently going through cancer.

As you’ve read all across this page, I’m here to empower YOU to make decisions over your life. And that includes choosing your coach.

I can’t promise I’ll be the right coach for you – I’m the coach I would have wanted to have when I went through this myself.

But you don’t have to take a leap of faith! My free discovery call is an opportunity to discover how you feel about me.

Since I also need to make sure you’ll get the most out of this coaching container, we will only work together if we both agree that we’re the right fit.

Yes, I do.

The way I see it, coaching only works if both coach and client are happy with the direction and pace of the process. 

If we decide to stop working together before our coaching package ends, all remaining sessions will be refunded as per contract.

Yes! I want to make 1:1 cancer coaching available to every woman who needs support to change their life.

That’s why all my coaching plans include a monthly payment option.

Because I work with women individually and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, there is no set agenda for this offer. 

The pace at which we work together will depend on what needs to change and how you cope with each session.

The important thing is that you feel supported every step of the way and that we meet your unique goals at the end of our work together.

If anyone makes a claim this bold, they are lying to you. My promise is that, if you put in the work and follow my guidance:

  • You won’t have to go through this alone
  • You will feel confident when making decisions that affect your health
  • You’ll have the healthiest lifestyle you’ve ever had – including your physical AND mental health
  • Your relationships and family life will benefit immensely from this process
  • Cancer won’t be the worst thing that’s happened to you. And it may even become the best.

Before you sign up for 1:1 coaching, let’s hop on a free discovery call where we can both decide if we’re the right fit.

My goal as a cancer coach is to support your needs and help you thrive in life.

In this first call, I’ll explain how it all works, you can ask me any questions you may have, and if we decide to move forward, I’ll give you instructions on what to do next.

If you feel like you still need my support after our sessions end, you have 2 options.

  1. You can purchase another 6- or 12-month coaching package, just like the one you’ve used.
  2. You can purchase my Stay In Touch package that’s exclusive for clients. My Stay In Touch package includes a monthly 1:1 coaching session, resources, and 3 SOS sessions per month, among other things. Learn more about it here.

Congratulations! Yes, you can absolutely work with me. I know how hard it is to go from feeling on top of the world the second you’re declared cancer free…

To feeling a pit in your stomach as you think of what lies ahead, not knowing where to go in life or how to find joy again.

So I’ve developed a coaching system exactly for women in your position. Click here to learn more about it.

While I don’t offer 1:1 coaching for caregivers or family members, I offer support groups where they can find people who are going through the same. I lead these group sessions, so they get my support, plus potential friends who understand their unique position.

Learn more about my support groups here.

Have more questions? I am happy to answer.