Express yourself and find the support you need in your journey to a Whole New Life

A monthly soulful meeting for women open to sharing, learning from other’s life experiences, and receiving helpful tools to overcome difficult times.

Upcoming Session: October 25, 2022 @13:00 (1:00 PM) CET

What you will experience

in an hour-long Virtual Campfire
  • A warm, private gathering space with other women who, like you, are seeking meaningful exchanges
  • The opportunity to just be – there’s no need to share if you don’t feel like it. You can simply listen, ponder, and absorb
  • A discussion about topics that are relevant for all of us today, including self-love, mindset, spirituality, relationships, wellness, emotions, and overcoming tough times
  • Advice, tips, and tricks that help women overcome challenges and get through
    rough times every day
  • A deep connection with other women who are ready to learn from each other
  • A safe space to share your emotions and feelings without judgment

Why the Virtual Campfires are only €1

When I was going through challenging times in my life, I wished I had support and a chance to fully open up to people other than my loved ones. I didn’t have professional support or anybody who understood what I was going through.

As a coach, I’ve seen the same in many women. I’m here to amend that.

These monthly sessions are a safe space for you to share (if you choose to), receive life-changing advice, and listen to other women’s life experiences so you can learn how to move past your current struggles.

They are almost free because I want to help as many women as possible thrive and access a no-judgment group where they can finally feel supported, while understanding that they’re committed enough to show up.

I hope that wherever you are in the world, you decide to join us. We are here for you.

Catherine Schopfer Passion Test Workshop Facilitator

Next Virtual Campfire

October 25, 2022 @13:00 (1:00 PM) CET


Questioning The Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Struggling

Taking the wheel of your life isn’t only about understanding the basics of a healthy body and mind. It’s also about breaking past taboos and empowering yourself — and that includes a healthy relationship with money.

How you perceive money determines your financial reality. Money is in fact an energy exchange, but our own judgment and belief system often keep us stuck when it comes to money, not allowing us to evolve like we should.

In this Virtual Campfire, we will debunk some myths around money. We will open a debate around women and money, and I’ll share some tips on having a healthy relationship with money.

You’ll get the chance to question your beliefs around money to unlock a new version of you that attracts abundance with ease.

I will also reveal the 9 keys to increase your financial strength so you can feel in control of your life.

Join us for only €1 on October 25th and discover a new way to live your relationship with money.

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