Understanding The Passion Test: A Q&A With Catherine Schopfer


Thinking about enrolling in our next Passion Test workshop? If you’re ready to uncover your true purpose in life and gain a deeper understanding of your hopes and desires, the Passion Test can help. 

Maybe you continue to make the same mistakes when following your passions or maybe you just don’t even know where to begin. Below is an exclusive interview with Catherine Schopfer, a life and cancer coach helping individuals uncover their true passions, overcome cancer, and live a true and meaning life.

Q: Could you speak a little bit to how the passion test can help people wake up to what they really want in life?

A: When you understand where you excel, you can then invest more time into what makes you happy. When you invest in your passions, you are happier and more determined with everything you do. You’ll no longer look at what you’re doing as work when it’s a passion. When you are pursuing what you love, you can spend hours working towards your goals without even realizing it. The passion test can help younger people to be more clear on what is important for them, it helps give direction, and it can also help individuals choose their studies or career path. For others, it can be a tool to give them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

Q: What areas of life does the passion test cover?

A: The passion test covers all aspects of life. Your results aren’t forced, they come out naturally. They come from your core from who you are, and you cannot lie. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just about bringing to light what is most important to you. For example, many women believe their children and husband should be a part of their top 5 passions, because this is how we are educated. Both women and men for the first time in their lives are finally thinking about what’s important to them, not what society, family, or peers are telling them to do. What comes out of the passion test is unique to your own personal desires, it could be something about your business or something completely different. For me, being in nature was one of my results. I’ve always been in nature, I’ve always been someone who hikes and skis, but I never realized how important it really was for me. Once you have your list, you start to make conscious decisions on how to incorporate them into your life. Then you start reconnecting to yourself, you start respecting yourself and who you truly are. And suddenly, there are shifts inside of you that start to happen. And they happen not only in your private life, but also in your business life as well. Because you behave differently, you stand differently, and you understand who you are on a deeper level.

Q: How do you think finding your passion can help you become a better person for other people around you?

A:  Understanding who you are and respecting yourself by following your passions is going to make you feel happier on the inside. We always think that happiness comes from the outside, from whatever you have, or from the people that surround you. But happiness is a deeper feeling from the inside. Once you respect the person you are on the inside and you feel that deep sense of happiness, you’re going to impact everyone around you. It took me a cancer diagnosis to understand that by putting myself first, taking care of my needs, and following my passions is what helped me be stronger for my kids, my husband, and my friends. I had finally found happiness at a deeper level. This is something I always teach my clients, especially when they go through cancer. I tell my clients that now is the time to put yourself first. When you connect with yourself, a deep happiness will come out of you and it’s going to impact everyone else around you. It also gives you a drive and a purpose for living. In my own life, once I began putting myself first, I then became a role model for my daughters on how to be strong, focused, and passionate in life. 

Q: Why do you think it’s so important for people to take a passion test, especially after being diagnosed with cancer?

A: I find that we often cut our emotions in order to go through and manage the hard moments of life. But the thing is, when you do this, you put a lid on your emotions, and you create blockages within the body. This is when toxins begin to accumulate. When your body turns into an acidic environment, that is when cancer can spread. However, when you are aligned to who you truly are and connect to that inner self, (by doing the passion test) then you are clear. Your energy can freely flow between your mind and body. That is when you become clear on what is truly important to you. When you’re passionate, you’re clear about your purpose. Passions are like clues to your purpose, they show you the way to what you are meant to create in life. Maybe it’s not always so clear. But when you live them on a daily basis, everything is going to fall into place. Because when you start respecting yourself, when you start becoming your first priority in life, that is when you will be able to raise your vibration. And by raising your vibration, you’re going to attract also higher vibration around you, whether it’s people, business, or anything else in your life. I believe in our own healing power when we are passionate about what we do. We express our emotions, and are in the flow of life. There is also a very important aspect that I forgot to mention during the interview and that I have experienced myself. After I started to live my passions on a daily basis or at least very regularly, I was no longer afraid that the cancer would come back. This fear used to be very present, and when I focused on the 5 most important things for me at the time of the Passion Test, I focused on the future, on the possible, and the fear disappeared.

Q: What can you expect when enrolling in a passion test workshop?

A: I will start each session by giving a background on The Passion Test philosophy, uncover where it came from, and explain why it is used today. From there, I will be putting all participants into zoom rooms with others from the group. With this other person, you’ll go through the passion test together. During this time, I will be going around to each group to help and answer any questions. By the end of the passion test, you’ll have outlined your top 5 passions in life. From there, we will all come back together and I will continue the session by teaching a number of different tools on how to properly execute your list and provide tips on how to stay accountable to following your passions. I will also help you devise a passion action plan. This will help you continue to work towards your goals and live a more fulfilling, happier life.

Q: Are people surprised at what they discover?

A: People always tend to be surprised about their results when finding their life passions. Often, this is because they always place all their energy on family, children, and friends instead of themselves. Sometimes, people are aware of their passions but are too scared to pursue them or have already given up on them. Once you recognize your passions, you notice that the universe begins to work in mysterious ways to support you. The law of attraction pushes you in the right direction and things start to fall into place.

Q: What do you do to help people stay accountable to their passions?

A: Once a client has gone through the passion test, they can continue to work with me through group cancer coaching as well as private coaching sessions. In both group sessions and the passion test workshops you are able to meet like-minded individuals that can serve as an accountability partner in the future. During these sessions, we will continue to set and work towards your goals. Together we’ll create a plan on how to achieve your passions to live a happier, more fulfilled life. 

Interested in discovering your true purpose in life? We’ll help you learn how to find your true passions in life. Check out our events page to sign up for the next Passion Test with Catherine Schopfer!

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