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Whether you’re currently struggling with an illness or keep falling sick, you’ve had enough and it’s time to make a change.

Your health is a top priority but you don’t know where to start! You want to work with an expert to feel at your best at all times.

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You know how important your health is in supporting your lifestyle goals. Stress, burnout, poor nutrition, poor sleep, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy habits are impacting your ability to be the best version of yourself.
When you can’t take care of your health, your immune system takes the toll – and that’s when problems start…
  • You get sick often, so your daily life and relationships are disrupted
  • Your energy drops – doing the things you used to love doesn’t feel as exciting anymore
  • You crave unhealthy foods and habits that you know don’t serve you
  • Your mental health suffers because your physical health feels like a rollercoaster
  • There may come a point when you don’t feel like yourself anymore

Neglecting our health is easy. When something feels off, we’re taught to look at that ONE thing instead of trying to look for long-term answers.

Or even worse – we can’t find an answer because we don’t know where to look for what’s wrong!

But the healthy life you want is at your fingertips,
and I’m here to help you grasp it.

In our 1:1 immunity coaching container, we’ll take a deep look at your habits, routine, and goals to create the life you want in a step-by-step fun approach.

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My Method

My take on health and wellbeing? Everybody is different and every body is different. It’s all about finding the right balance for the life YOU envision.

Our bodies operate at a holistic level: when one element isn’t working the way it should, it impacts our whole system.

You may be getting stellar sleep, but if your nutrition isn’t in check you’ll struggle to perform at the gym…

You’ve been on a diet for ages but if you’re stressed at work, you may struggle to lose weight and wonder why…

Together, we’ll take a deep look at all the areas of your life to see what needs changing, and start you on a path of small but consistent shifts that will unlock the healthiest version of you.

Catherine Schopfer, Nutrition&Immunity Coach
Catherine Schopfer, Nutrition&Immunity Coach
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“The coaching with Catherine helped me to reflect my personal beliefs and discover my drivers and barriers for a happier life. Although already some time ago, I still enjoy the impact. Until now it helps me to go through difficult situations.

I have the ability to see positive things even if things really don’t go well, even to reflect ‘what’s the positive thing I can take out of this situation’. I’m able to drive my own decisions as I’m now aware what the important things are for me. It’s a journey which I recommend…”


Catherine Schopfer, Nutrition & Immunity Coach preparing celery for juicing

As a Health Coach & Wellness Expert, I’m here to guide you and support you in creating the healthy life you desire.

I’m not the kind of coach who will do the work for you – instead, I will empower you to take the wheel of your whole new life.

In 2012, a cancer diagnosis forced me to rethink my (unsustainable) lifestyle. I had to listen to my body and intuition, tune in with what I needed, and learn how to provide it for myself.

And with the powerful tools I learned –that I’ll share with you in this coaching container– I realigned my life completely.

Not only did I overcome cancer, but I also became healthier than ever and discovered new, profound levels of joy and fulfillment.

Now, I want to help you transform your life from the inside out just like I did, because I know just how incredible life can get when you do the work to support yourself.

Health Educator Certification,
naturopathy training for professionals with Irène Grosjean, France

2019 Self-Love Certification , Enlightened Alliances Training with Janet Attwood, USA

2018 Passion Test Certification, Enlightened Alliances Training with Janet Attwood, USA

2018 Training on the basics of natural health and living foods, with Irène Grosjean, France

2017 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training, Switzerland

2016 Coaching Certification , Inner Game Coaching, GoPro Coaching, USA

2009 Coaching Certification, Coach Académie, France

Engineering Master in Food Technology,
(or Food Science Engineer) ETHZ, Switzerland

My background as a food science engineer, avid food science reading, naturopath training, and diet manipulation over the years led me to understand that
proper nutrition is imperative for a healthy immune system.

But it’s not just about reclaiming your health…

It’s about regaining your Joie de Vivre

Let's work together

What we will work on

In a 1:1 setting and over the span of 3 to 6 months, I will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition to support your own lifestyle goals and immune system, including:

  • An explanation of what health is and why we get sick
  • Which foods support optimal health and vitality
  • How to implement changes in your diet at the right pace
  • How to find a balance between nutrition and indulging
  • Proven techniques to eliminate toxins and waste

Plus, we will work on integrating movement and mindfulness so you can make those changes effective and sustainable.

1 year, 1 monthly session

Stay in Touch

Available to women who have been coached by me for at least 3 months.

After we finish working together, you can ask me all your questions and stay updated on your coaching goals with my Stay In Touch program.

Within a year, you’ll get 9x 1:1 Sessions (60 minutes, to be booked with 2 weeks’ notice) in person or online to ensure you squeeze all the juice out of the results we achieve together.


This 1:1 coaching container is for women who want to look at their health in a holistic way and make the necessary shifts to live their healthiest lives. Book a free call to find out if this offer is the right one for you!
While many of my clients are battling cancer, it is by no means a requirement to work with me. In fact, I’m a huge prevention advocate: we’ll work on your health now to prevent illness down the line, including cancer.
Because I work with women individually and I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches, there is no set agenda for this offer. The pace at which we work together will depend on what needs to change and how you cope with each session. The important thing is that you feel supported every step of the way and that we meet your unique goals at the end of our work together.
Yes. The way I see it, coaching only works if both coach and client are happy with the direction and pace of the process. If we decide to stop working together before our coaching package ends, all remaining sessions will be refunded as per contract.
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