Self-Love Retreat

A Weekend Just For You with Catherine Schopfer and Karin Arigoni Do you feel STRESSED? or want to live your life in a BETTER WAY? Do you want to get back to YOURSELF and DISCOVER some meaningful practices to HELP YOU? Then it’s your time to LISTEN TO THAT LITTLE VOICE INSIDE OF YOU and …

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Passion Test Workshop Atendees with Catherine Schopfer

The Passion Test – Online Program

  The Passion Test: Take Your Destiny Into Your Own Hands with Catherine Schopfer A TWO DAY TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHOP Today, it’s your turn to put yourself first. As a cancer coach, I have found that most  people wander throughout life with no  purpose or sense of direction. This can  create an unfulfilling void that feels  …

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INTUITION AS A COMPASS: How to listen to your intuition to make the right decisions How much do you tap into your feelings when it’s time to make an important life decision? Whether we’re aware of it or not, we make decisions on a daily basis. What to have for lunch. Whether to work out …


Virtual Campfire July 22 Banner

Virtual Campfire July: TRANSFORMATION

TRANSFORMATION: Knowing Yourself to Transform Your Life Self-awareness and personal development are the only catalysts for true transformation and growth. It is through studying ourselves, doing the inner work, and discovering who we are inside that we can evolve to happier, better, more fulfilled versions of ourselves. In this Virtual Campfire, I will help you find the tools …

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