Learn and implement everything you need to help others survive cancer, avoid recurrence, and live their best lives

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Learn and Implement Everything You Need to Help Others Survive Cancer, Avoid Recurrence, and Live Their Best Lives

Cancer Coach Training for Survivors & Caregivers
Who Want to Make a Difference

In this 2-part training, you’ll get exclusive access to everything I teach and implement with clients in my proprietary system: The 10 Steps to Resilience.

From the 10 fundamental pillars of coaching people through (and after) cancer, to every tool and technique I’ve gathered over my 16+ years as a coach…

This training gives you ALL my behind-the-scenes expertise for you to start your cancer coaching practice with confidence and make a positive impact on others’ lives.

It’s Time to Follow Your Calling

Cancer changes your life.

You know this because it happened to you too.

Whether you went through cancer yourself, or you’re a caregiver at a personal or professional level…

You know the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with every phase of cancer – and how important it is to have someone by your side who cares about you, understands you, and guides you through it without judging or pushing you in a set direction.

That’s why today, with cancer on the rise and a growing disappointment with the healthcare system, cancer coaches are more in-demand than ever.

But not just any type of coach…

Holistic cancer coaches who are trained to assess health from an integrative perspective, and who can work with their clients not just on surviving cancer, but on learning how to benefit from their most difficult challenge to grow into the people they were always meant to be.

And for that work, there is no better person than you: someone whose life has been affected by cancer.

Maybe you were diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have anyone to turn to, so you had to face it all alone and you swore you’d never let others go through that…

Or maybe you’ve seen a loved one go through cancer and tried to support them, but you doubted yourself the whole time, unsure of what to say or how to help when they were desperate with fear, anger and pain…

Or maybe you’re a survivor who wants to do everything in their power to stay in remission, and use your own experience to become a guiding light for others affected by cancer…

Whatever your background is with cancer, your unique story is what makes you perfect for coaching people through one of the most challenging times of their lives.

Because only someone who has faced cancer themselves can truly understand the person facing it today.

And in this Cancer Coach Training, you will learn exactly how to leverage the lessons you learned in your own journey to help others thrive.

Your Path to Becoming a Cancer Coach

Part 1 The SYSTEM

  • It took me 15 years to develop my proprietary coaching system, the 10 Steps to Resilience. In this training, you’ll get exclusive access and my step-by-step guidance to learn it in 10 weeks
  • Discover how to build your credibility to give your coaching practice a solid foundation
  • Learn the role of nutrition and detox methods, the importance of supplements, and how to help your clients make dietary changes to support their health
  • Understand how to help your clients avoid cancer recurrence
  • Grow your emotional intelligence so your clients can resonate with you, and you’re able to be the coach who can empower them over their own journey
  • Discover how to minimize treatment side effects
  • By the end of week 10, you will have bridged the gap between theory and practice, applying resilience-building techniques in your own life to gain first-hand experience and guide your clients with confidence.


  • Discover the most effective tools and techniques to use with cancer patients at different stages, including how to conduct a holistic health assessment
  • Learn how to leverage your empathy, your personality, and your experience to become an incredible coach who empowers her clients
  • Understand the key differences between coaching cancer patients and survivors, how to present yourself as a coach to both, and how to design individualized holistic health plans
  • Learn the key elements to make your cancer coaching practice stand out
  • Discover the criteria for evaluating alternative cancer therapies
  • To be a coach, you must be coachable – on the program, you’ll be paired with an accountability partner to practice both sides of the client-coach relationship. Then, you’ll have 3 1:1 sessions with me to refine your unique coaching style
Catherine Schopfer, Online Cancer Coach hiking

Hi! I’m Catherine, the Online Cancer Coach

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself in 2012, I felt like my life got turned upside down.

But I was lucky…

Because as a life coach, I was in a position most women aren’t when they face this diagnosis:

I knew the kind of support I needed, and I knew where to look for it.

Immediately after I was diagnosed, I reached out to the spiritual guide that would help me through the entire course of my illness. I knew he was the right person to look at things from a holistic perspective and who could help me see what I was clearly missing.

With his help, I navigated the difficult waters of breast cancer, a mastectomy, and everything that meant for me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Like you, I learned a lot from this time.

And this was the path that led me to finding my true calling as a Cancer Coach.

In the 11+ years that have gone by since then, I’ve never stopped learning and evolving, adding new techniques and certifications to my coaching system when I proved their effectiveness on myself and my clients.

Today, the combination of all the things I learned, tested, and proved as a cancer coach, food science engineer, and life coach, has become my system, which has helped dozens of ladies use cancer as a springboard to their best lives.

In this course, I’m pulling back the curtain and inviting you to learn everything – what works, what doesn’t, and why looking at cancer in a holistic way can drastically change its outcome.

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Kim Flint, Online cancer coach client

“ I have no idea what I would’ve done without her ”

I honestly feel the luckiest that I found Catherine and that I decided to start working with her. I have no idea what I would‘ve done without her for the past year.

Being diagnosed with cancer at only 29 years of age, always living a healthy lifestyle, this came as a huge shock. I wasn’t prepared for this huge challenge at all. Before I started working with Catherine, I was purely overwhelmed. I was lost. Everything was so new and surreal - too much.

Catherine was and still is my anchor. She guided me through every single phase of fighting cancer. I wasn’t sure about so many things such as nutrition, how to deal with relatives, how to approach big doctors appointments, or how to cope with many different situations. Her broad knowledge and huge skillset combined with her warm and big heart makes her the best coach I could ever imagine.

I am more than happy and proud to say that today I already understand myself so much better, I know so much more about my needs, what I want in life, how I want to live my life. She also helps me so much to implement these changes. Step by step I feel like I‘m coming closer to living the life I actually desire.

Thank you, Catherine, for everything and for still being by my side every single day.

- Kim Flint,
Podcast Host Kim’s Cancer Guide

Get a Sneak Peek of the Cancer Coach Training

This course is divided into 2 parts. To become a cancer coach, you must complete both of them – but you can opt into doing them all at once or separately.

Here’s a sneak peek of the entire course:

Part 1

The first part of this course goes over the 10 Steps to Resilience in 10 modules, where we’ll work on one module every week.

In week 1, we’ll review your holistic health assessment and set goals for the duration of the course. This will set the foundations on which we will build, and it will allow you to track your progress, keeping in mind that you’ll be using this system to track your clients’ progress when they work with you.

Nutrition and different techniques like fasting, juicing, mono dieting, and detoxing are crucial for the different stages of cancer. They can decrease treatment side effects and even enhance their effectiveness. But how do they work? When should you use each? Module 2 will reveal all the ways to nourish your body during and after cancer, combining my backgrounds in cancer coaching and food science engineering.

The third week of the course is all about understanding different emotions: how to recognize them, how to release them, and their impact in the different phases of the cancer journey. You’ll learn and practice different techniques for emotional regulation, expression, and release that are necessary for supporting cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers effectively.

Your mindset has the power to drastically change how you experience cancer – and the same applies to your clients. In module 4, you’ll learn the habits, tools, and exercises that foster gratitude, creativity, and positivity amidst deeply challenging situations. That will help you and your clients develop a resilient mindset to see the silver lining in every life situation, and turn cancer into a positive force for your life.

This week will be all about exploring alternative therapies, complementary medicine, and new habits for physical well-being during the treatment phase and after cancer. This includes how movement impacts cancer, and what type of exercise can be helpful at all the different stages.

One of the biggest challenges in cancer patients is that we all have limiting beliefs when faced with such a big threat. But that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome them. Module 6 will give you techniques to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs, so you can then apply them to others. You’ll learn things like subconscious release, confidence-building techniques, and tools to transform thought patterns.

Stress is a known trigger for many illnesses, including cancer. Learning how to identify stressors, understanding their impact, developing stress management techniques and building low-stress habits are key to creating a stress-reduction plan – something your clients will need to overcome cancer in the best way.

Having a purpose is what got you here! And in module 8, we will explore why it’s so important for both cancer patients and survivors to discover who they are, what matters to them, and what path they want to pursue, so they can avoid getting stuck in ‘cancer survivor mode’ – a place where you’re in remission, but you can’t feel happy or fulfilled.

The cornerstone of healing (inside and out) is self-love. This is one of the biggest problems for women with cancer: they don’t feel comfortable putting themselves first and in loving others, they’ve forgotten how to love themselves. Module 9 will take you through everything I’ve learned about self-love in the last 16+ years working with clients: how to cultivate it, how to prioritize it, how to set boundaries that express it, and how to empower yourself through different techniques to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

By week 10, we’ll review the changes you’ve made during Part 1 of the course, establish new habits and goals for the future, and transform everything you’ve learned into an action plan. You’ll also get to book your 1:1 session with me to go over your action plan, experience the coachee’s side, and ask any remaining questions on how to apply your knowledge to future clients.

Part 2

The second part of this course is divided into 10 modules over 20 weeks, and it will give you the foundational tools and techniques you need to start your cancer coaching practice as soon as you graduate.

In the first week, we’ll go over the essential relational skills for cancer coaches, why they differ from other types of coaching, and how to position yourself as a coach in front of your clients. We’ll also go over the principles of coaching in the context of cancer support, and you’ll get paired with an accountability buddy to integrate what you learn every week.

Learning how to listen to your clients and ask sharp, insightful questions that can help them get to the heart of an issue is coaching 101 – but when it comes to cancer, the dynamics shift because of the heavy emotional load the cancer patient is going through. In module 2, you will learn how to conduct comprehensive exploration interviews in the case of cancer, and how to make sessions effective, giving your clients the key takeaways they need to move forward one step at a time.

As a cancer coach who has been in your client’s shoes, there will be times where you’ll feel triggered by your client’s resistance. Module 3 will teach you how to assert yourself as a coach and maintain your positioning throughout a session – no matter what.

In module 4, we’re diving into the psychological frameworks that define humans, and we’re analyzing them with insightful case studies so you can create a supportive environment in your practice that covers all the bases for what your clients need.

As a cancer coach, you will be the right person to empower your client by helping enhance their capacities and develop new ones. To do this, you must learn to assess and address behavioral patterns properly, and how to challenge your clients’ limiting beliefs without putting them in a defensive position. This is the secret sauce to a healthy and productive client-coach relationship, and in module 5, we will explore all the opportunities to do this in a safe way.

In my practice, there’s one repetitive element: the women who work with me haven’t found their passions or their purpose… Or they simply don’t make time to pursue it. Module 6 will give you my best-kept secret tools to help your clients discover their core values, foster a positive view of themselves, and boost their self-esteem so they feel confident in pursuing the path they dream about.

This is the most important module of the course. The deep impact that cancer has on our mind, body, and soul, can only be channeled into lessons and meaning through emotional resilience. In this module, we will work on how to help your clients understand and navigate the different emotions of the cancer journey, breaking free from the Karpman Drama Triangle, and how they can fulfill their emotional needs by looking for support in the right places and developing well-being techniques.

In module 8, we’ll work on the impact cancer has on women in high-stress work environments – both entrepreneurs and women who manage teams. We’ll explore how to tailor your approach to their reality and how to support them through the change and uncertainty that cancer will inevitably bring to their lives.

Because I coach women and because I’m an entrepreneur and manager myself, I know how deeply some of our beliefs around money are ingrained (in general). To become an empowered, free woman who takes ownership of her life, your client needs to learn money management strategies and learn how to make decisions with confidence. So in this module, you’ll learn how to apply life cycle coaching principles, help your clients break ineffective money mindsets, and help them make decisions that work in their favor, like investing in things that will benefit them.

In the last module of the course, we will prepare you to launch your coaching practice successfully. This includes working on your mission statement, setting clear objectives and strategies as a coach, creating a plan for continuous learning and supervision to excel as a coach, and leveraging your personal and professional strengths as per the Clifton Strengths Assessment. I will also share how I got started and what I would do in your position or if I had to start over today.


After completing all the course modules and dissertation, you will receive a certificate of completion with your name.

How it works

Live Trainings

In Part 1 of this course, we will meet weekly on Zoom for 120-minute live training sessions to go over the 10 modules. Part 2 will be imparted through video lessons.

Group Coaching

In Part 2 of the course, you’ll take part in 60-minute group coaching sessions, where we will do practice rounds and share insights to start defining your cancer coaching style.

1:1 Sessions

To be a good coach, you need to be coached too. In your 1:1 sessions with me, you will become the coachee as we create your action plan to become a successful cancer coach.

Practice Sessions

At the beginning of each part of the course, you will be paired with an accountability partner to conduct sessions on each other weekly where you’ll apply everything you’re learning and come ready to ask questions for our Q&A sessions.


During the 30 weeks of the course, you will have access to 60-minute live Q&A sessions to ask me your most pressing questions and learn how to effectively apply your learnings in your coaching practice.


Every week, you will get a workbook and handouts. Some of them will be just for you, others will be to present your work at the end of the course and get it reviewed for your final dissertation. Each workbook will have instructions and we will discuss them on our calls.

Session Recordings

After each live session, you’ll get access to all the session recordings.

WhatsApp Group

To ask questions in between sessions, get support, and share ideas, you will be added to a WhatsApp group where I will be active, sharing my own insights and motivating you throughout the course.

After signing up, you will receive an email with the details for our first kickoff call and instructions to:

Complete your Holistic Health Assessment

Join our WhatsApp group

Add all our call dates to your calendar

This course is for you if…

You’re a cancer survivor wanting to put your own experience and everything you learned to use by helping others go through cancer with support and ease – two things you didn’t have

You’re a caregiver for patients with different ailments, but you were never taught specifics for supporting cancer patients, so you want to learn to support them more effectively

You’re in remission but you want to learn how to establish new habits and lifestyle changes that will support your cancer-free life, to avoid a recurrence and gain peace of mind

You’re a dedicated life coach but whenever you work with cancer survivors, you feel like there’s a missing piece – you can’t fully understand them and you wish you had better insights or tools to help them

You’re neither of these, but you’ve suffered the impact of cancer on people you love, and you feel that it’s your passion, your mission and your duty to help others on the same path

This course is NOT for you if…

You want to change careers and think cancer coaching could be a fun or exciting choice, or that it can make you a quick buck

You’re a life coach and you want to add a new certification to your career so you can get more clients

You love to give advice and tell others what you would do in their position, but you get bored when they tell you the details of their challenges and wish they’d just do what you’re recommending

Catherine Schopfer's Avatar

A Note from Catherine Schopfer

Cancer is on the rise, with a 2-million-case jump from 2020 to 2022, and a projected 77% increase by 2050.
For decades, allopathic medicine has focused their efforts on developing treatments to battle cancer. But more often than not, the biggest parts of the equation are missing: empathetic support and reliable guidance on ALL the factors affecting a cancer patient.

This makes our role as coaches more relevant than ever.

Too many times I’ve seen coaches trying to dig up the past and talk about trauma, or pushing their ideas onto their clients, but that’s not what a coach should do…

A coach is not a therapist – we’re not trained to pull conclusions from past traumatic experiences.

We’re also not counselors, telling people what to do and providing our views instead of listening.

With cancer specifically, these approaches do more harm than good.

The role of a true cancer coach is to be silent.

To practice active listening, to put a client to action by listening, questioning, and mirroring situations so they can become aware of what’s happening and be able to make empowered decisions and move forward.

And most importantly, a coach should always seek to understand the person before them – not imposing or assuming, but becoming their support system and a beacon of hope.

If this sounds like you, join me in showing the world the important role of cancer coaches.




Client Praise

(from my coaching experience)

Sylvie, Online Cancer Coach client

“ I gained back my self-confidence “

Through Catherine’s coaching, I learned to listen to my body and my heart. She is charming, open, dynamic, and inspiring!
Because of her, I finally had the courage to resign from my very heavy, exhausting, frustrating job. I reconnected with my true nature, I learned to distinguish what really matters to me, and I gained back my self-confidence.
I regained my taste for LIVING – not only surviving.

- Sylvie

Fanny, Online Cancer Coach client

“ She made me believe that it was possible “

Catherine gave me even more confidence in myself, made me realize who I was, my place in the family and to tell me "stop, now you take care of yourself". She made me realize that I was my priority because I didn't feel like a priority in my life.

Catherine allowed me to believe in myself, to believe in my project and then to help me through the disease. She gave me all the tools to be able to move forward and do what I wanted to do, she made me believe, and that's what made me reach my goal, she made me believe that it was possible, something I had always doubted.

- Fanny

Sylvie, Online Cancer Coach client

“ I gained back my self-confidence “

Through Catherine’s coaching, I learned to listen to my body and my heart. She is charming, open, dynamic, and inspiring!
Because of her, I finally had the courage to resign from my very heavy, exhausting, frustrating job. I reconnected with my true nature, I learned to distinguish what really matters to me, and I gained back my self-confidence.
I regained my taste for LIVING – not only surviving.

- Sylvie

Fanny, Online Cancer Coach client

“ She made me believe that it was possible “

Catherine gave me even more confidence in myself, made me realize who I was, my place in the family and to tell me "stop, now you take care of yourself". She made me realize that I was my priority because I didn't feel like a priority in my life.

Catherine allowed me to believe in myself, to believe in my project and then to help me through the disease. She gave me all the tools to be able to move forward and do what I wanted to do, she made me believe, and that's what made me reach my goal, she made me believe that it was possible, something I had always doubted.

- Fanny

What’s Included in the Cancer Coach Training

Holistic Health Assessment (value €875)

10 interactive 120-minute live training sessions (value €4200)

20 video lessons (value €3100)

5 group coaching sessions to get direct supervision (value €1250)

20 Q&A 60-minute sessions (value €3600)

WhatsApp Group for daily support (value €2625)

30 module workbooks (value €2700)

Online cancer coach training attendee
Online Cancer Coaching Training gadgets


5 completely FREE bonuses that will prepare you to start your cancer coaching practice with confidence and attract the right clients.

1:1 coaching icon


4 personalized 1:1 sessions with me to solidify your learnings, practice coaching, and experience getting coached to understand your clients’ position.

To be distributed as: 1 session at the end of Part 1 of this course, 3 sessions throughout Part 2.

€1400 FREE with the Cancer Coach Training



Enroll now and get The Online Cancer Coach Essential Book Guide: a guide for new coaches to find avenues for continuous learning – a critical practice for cancer coaches. Includes recommendations for books, films, and podcasts approved by me.

€350 FREE with the Cancer Coach Training



With Part 2 of this course, you get free access to the Clifton Strengths Assessment Test. This will help you capitalize on your strengths and develop new skills that will be invaluable to your coaching clients.

€67 FREE with the Cancer Coach Training



Get your entire course’s workbooks reviewed by me with notes and recommendations to prepare a successful dissertation and make sure you’re all set to take your clients through my proprietary system or create your own.

€799 FREE with the Cancer Coach Training



After you complete your dissertation, you will get a Certificate of Completion with your name on it. You will be able to include this on your LinkedIn profile.

This certificate is only available to students who successfully complete the entire course.

Only available for Cancer Coach Training students

Total Value: € 20959

Exclusive Offer for Beta Version
Limited-Time Only: Join Now & Get € 1000 Off

The real value of this course is €20959. But today, you can sign up at the lowest price point it will ever have.

Before today, my 10 Steps to Resilience proprietary system was reserved for my clients. And even then, the minimum coaching package to access it was at €5660.

The regular price of this course is €5997 – but because you’re a beta student, I’m inviting you to join me with a massive discount that won’t be available ever again…

When you sign up for the Cancer Coach Training before May 8th, 23:59 CET, all you’ll pay is €4997 (that’s €1000 off).

With this Cancer Coach Training, you’ll be gaining a lot more than a proven coaching system that clients love…

You’ll get access to all the tools, techniques, exercises, insights, and knowledge I have gained over the past 16 years as a coach, all prepared in an organized way so you can use these 30 weeks to build a cancer coaching practice that hits the ground running.

And as a beta student, you will be part of the ONLY live cohort of the Cancer Coach Training.

After this round, this will become a self-paced course and the price will go up by €1000.

In exchange, I will ask for an honest review of the course, so I can polish and launch it in its DIY version next year.

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for to pursue your calling and be the change that the world desperately needs…

Are you in?

You have 2 options to sign up. You can sign up to Part 1 of the course now and wait for Part 2 after you finish the first 10 weeks…

Or you can sign up for the full course now and receive a €1000 discount:


  • Save €1,000 when you sign up for the course paying in full today.

€5997 €4997

Best Value


  • Pay just €999 today, then 5 more payments of €999 per month when Part 2 starts.

€1167 x 6 €999 x 6

Part 1
Beta Version

€1197 €997

  • Save €200 when you sign up for part 1 of the course in its Beta version.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with everything you need to start your cancer coaching practice. You’ll know…

A woman on a train ride smiling

How to conduct a holistic health assessment and create a sound plan for your clients

How to help minimize their treatment side effects through different techniques, including nutritional changes, supplements, practices, and pain management

How to guide your clients through dietary changes and help them self-assess symptom progression through mind-body connection

How to help your clients prevent recurrence, make empowered decisions, set firm boundaries, and find their path to fulfillment

How to get your clients to a point where they can benefit from their experience going through cancer, using it as a springboard to their best lives

How to position yourself as an inspiring coach and make your cancer coaching practice stand out


The course is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 kicks off on May 15th with a live training session. After the first 10 weeks are over, we will take a break to recharge and start with Part 2 on October 28th.

The live trainings and Q&A sessions will take place on Mondays at 17:00 CET.

In part 2, the group coaching calls will happen once a month on Thursdays at 17:00 CET.

For the 1:1 sessions, you’ll be able to select a convenient time from my calendar when you’ve completed the 10 modules in part 1 of the course.

If you want to dip your toes into cancer coaching but you’re still not 100% sure this is for you, you can start by taking part 1 and decide whether you want to take part 2 when you finish.

Part 1 of the course is geared not just towards future cancer coaches, but it’s also the perfect course for cancer patients or survivors who want to avoid recurrence and find the right path for their lives.

Part 2 is only available to those who have completed part 1 of the course. Because you need to go through the proprietary system yourself before you use it on others. This ensures you’ll show up with integrity for your clients, and integrity is one of the key characteristics of a cancer coach.

If you decide to join us for Part 2 after completing Part 1, you’ll get the full tuition of Part 1 discounted from the price.

While you won’t have access to the €1,000 discount, you will still get €997 discounted from the price tag.

This course is a rare opportunity to access insider coaching and training on my proven coaching system for a fraction of what I charge my clients. Plus, the majority of the course is completely exclusive to it — meaning nobody else can access it.

With the Cancer Coach Training, you’re not only learning the foundations of launching a successful cancer coaching practice… You’re learning in weeks what took me decades to learn, implement, and refine.

That’s why this course is NOT for women who want to “just try it out”, or take a quick look at the content and then walk away. It’s for women who are sure, who are committed to helping others in the best way possible. I’m giving you everything you need to succeed as a cancer coach, and I’m protecting my community of future cancer coaches who are committed to changing others’ lives. For that reason, we offer no refunds on this program (unless there’s a force majeure incident).

Yes, you can check out the payment plans here.

If this is your case, please reach out to us at I’m confident we will find a solution!