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A woman practicing mind body exercise, one of complementary and alternative medicine for cancer

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Guide for Cancer Patients

By Catherine Schopfer / 10/07/2024

When you get diagnosed with cancer, you are faced with endless questions. One of the most impactful is how you…

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Worried man looking through the window, symbolizing caregiver exhaustion and the challenges faced by family caregivers.

How to Avoid Cancer Caregiver Burnout

By Catherine Schopfer / 03/06/2024

Cancer caregiver burnout, also known as caregiver fatigue, is the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that affects people who are…

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Standing in a flowery meadow, representing a positive start into a cance free life

How Cancer Survivorship Changes Your Life

By Catherine Schopfer / 11/04/2024

“You are in remission.” Those are the four words every cancer patient longs to hear. From the very day you’re…

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A woman laughing

Regaining Your Strength After Chemo: Your Complete Guide

By Catherine Schopfer / 12/01/2024

Overcoming the hurdles of chemotherapy and discovering a resilient new you Life after chemotherapy is not the end of the…

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Graphic depicting the Physical Indications of Fight or Flight Response

Can Cancer Be Caused by Stress?

By Catherine Schopfer / 24/10/2023

In the last few decades, stress has become a normal part of everyone’s everyday routine. Juggling the demands of a…

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Featured image for blogpost 'What is a Cancer Coach'

What is a Cancer Coach?

By Catherine Schopfer / 01/06/2023

Are you wondering what a cancer coach is? Maybe you’ve told a friend about your recent diagnosis, and they’ve mentioned…

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Catherine Schopfer, Online cancer coach hiking

A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Take On Cancer Prevention

By Catherine Schopfer / 22/10/2022

Why is nobody speaking about cancer prevention?

So, to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month, this is what I’m speaking about: prevention.

But instead of telling you to get your checkups, be a ‘good girl’, and let things happen as they should, I’m going to share the things I did wrong so you can avoid making the mistakes I did.

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A couple leaning onto each other

What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Cancer

By Catherine Schopfer / 15/07/2021

Cancer doesn’t just affect an individual, it affects their entire circle….

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A couple hugging each other in support

How to Support a Loved One Through Cancer Treatment

By Catherine Schopfer / 18/06/2021

A cancer diagnosis doesn’t just affect an individual, it can sweep….

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A woman alone in a sunset

I’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Cancer: Now What?

By Catherine Schopfer / 19/02/2021

A cancer diagnosis can come with little warning. Whether you’ve been experiencing slight pain or you just went in for…

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